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  • John C. Dunn

FLOOR13 launches at Canada's Tourism Congress

Ottawa December 1st, 2015.

Canada has a new tourism and hospitality consulting partnership; FLOOR13. Launched at the Tourism Industry Congress in Ottawa and with tourism leaders from across Canada in attendance.  Three tourism industry leaders, John C. Dunn, Patti Balisille and Pat Kelly have joined forces, collaborating under the FLOOR13 brand.  Combining talents and expertise, the three founding partners promised to bring a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to Canada’s tourism and hospitality sector.   “Having already collaborated on different projects in the past, we decided to formalize our affiliation, bringing diverse talents and expertise and therefore offering our clients a unique and tailored approach”, stated John Dunn. The three tourism experts have respectfully had great success bringing value and innovative solutions to their clients. “FLOOR13’s depth of knowledge ranges from sales and marketing, aboriginal tourism and Explorer Quotient insight to strategic planning and operational excellence”, said Patti Balsillie. “In addition, we have great professional networks enabling us to tailor the most effective team for each project by calling upon specific expertise from affiliate colleagues across Canada.”  “We have each had extensive careers in the field both here in Canada as well as internationally and are distinctly aware of the issues facing the industry and our clients. We leverage that knowledge when working with our clients helping them grow their business”, said Pat Kelly.  FLOOR13, a fresh approaching to traditional problem solving.  



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